Microgrid Protection Design Investigation using Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop

The electric power grid in Canada provides energy to the country. In order to provide more reliable power, to include more clean energy and to supply energy to remote Canadian communities, part of the power grid may be required to operate autonomously. At the distribution level, microgrids, which can be isolated from the main grid, are being deployed for this purpose. Protection schemes in microgrids are very different to those in conventional grids. This project deals with the design and deployment of microgrid protection schemes. It uses real-time simulators to investigate and test microgrid fault scenarios in a cost effective, time-saving and safe manner. Realistic microgrid protection scheme will be proposed to solve the major protection challenges. The industrial partner will be in a position to make available microgrid protection schemes to developers, owners and operators of microgrids.

Faculty Supervisor:

Geza Joos


Qiushi Cui




Engineering - computer / electrical




McGill University



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