Middleware layer for mobile game architecture

Mobile devices are well established at the heart of our digital lives. Today, these devices are utilized as personalized and enterprise application nodes. Moreover, mobile devices support ubiquitous access to data which even makes them a pivotal component in the deployment of applications such as online games. However, there are challenges that have plagued the mobile field. No matter the advances we make, mobile devices still rely on wireless channels to communicate, and these channels experience sporadic disconnections and bandwidth fluctuations. Hence, activities such as online gamification using the mobile as the consumer node experiences setbacks such as loss of data and poor data transmission. In this research, we aim to enhance the mobile gamer experience by proposing a middleware framework that facilitates real time communication exchanges including support for high user throughput.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ralph Deters


Richard Kwadzo Lomotey


Zenfri Inc.


Computer science


Digital media


University of Saskatchewan



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