Mitigating Poor Precocity and Biennial Bearing of Northern Spy Apples to Meet Increasing market Demand in Ontario

The project will focus on providing methods to secure the supply of Northern Spy apples for Chudleigh’s Ltd, an major international bakery located in Southern Ontario. Northern Spy, an apple cultivar discovered in the state of New York nearly 200 years ago, has a number of desirable attributes for baking, most notably for pie making. Chudleigh’s Ltd. will partner with the University of Guelph to conduct research on overcoming the slow to bear production nature of this cultivar, and its alternate bearing from one year to the next. Solutions to these production issues, which directly affect the profitability of apple producers and their incentive to grow and produce this specific cultivar, coupled with securing long term production and availability of Northern Spy apples in Ontario, will ensure that Chudleigh’s Ltd has product for its expanding domestic and international markets.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John A. Cline


Chris Duyvelshoff


Chudleigh's Limited






University of Guelph



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