Mitigation of CO2 in the emissions of stand-alone electricity generators

In Canada, there are over 280 communities that are off the grid, the majority of which are First Nation. They use stand-alone diesel-powered electricity generators to supply their basic needs, and whilst there are plans to provide renewable energy alternatives, this will take time. In addition, there are a growing number of generators that burn biogas from landfill sites or wastewater treatment plants. All these electricity generators emit carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.
This collaborating company will explore with an established Laurentian University (LU) research team, environmental, and economic benefit from capturing and repurposing the generator’s exhaust CO2. The goal is to adapt and commercialize LU’s technology that captures otherwise waste CO2 in off-gas to promote growth of regional microalgae and produce a revenue stream of high-value health beneficial nutraceuticals, such as antioxidants and antibiotics.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Ashley Scott


Merritt Kennedy


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Engineering - other






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