Mitigation of concrete corrosion in potash mine and milling operations

The objective of this research will be to evaluate the ability of a rebar coating strategy to resist chloride induced corrosion and to test its efficacy in mitigating concrete corrosion in potash mill environments. This research project involves a collaboration between academics and the potash industry under the guidance of the International Mineral Innovation Institute (IMII). The academic research team will be able to supply the partner organizations with highly trained HQP with expertise in corrosion and materials science. The successful implementation of the proposed strategy would be a major contributor to reduce environmental impact and improved safety performance to the potash mining companies who are our industrial partners. Furthermore, as the technology would also be applicable to concrete corrosion mitigation in any high-salinity environment (e.g. highway infrastructure and marine settings), commercialization could lead to markets beyond the initial scope of the project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Andrew Grosvenor


Xiaoxuan Guo


International Minerals Innovation Institute




Natural resources


University of Saskatchewan



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