MiX – Motion Caption (MOCAP)-in-XNA (Xbox New Architecture)

XNA (Xbox New Architecture) allows independent game/digital-media content developers to build, deploy, and publish games on the Xbox360 and PC platforms. The technical objective of this project is to bridge Vicon Motion Capture technology (used to record movement and translate that movement on to a digital model) with XNA to allow the users (special effects directors, game designers, or producers) the ability to see the Real Time Visualization (immediate visual feedback of animations within a digital environment) of Motion Capture data on the PC and Xbox360 platforms using XNA. This technology will enable V7 Entertainment the ability to save on development time and expensive re-recording sessions should the animations come out incorrectly or unusable for high quality video game development. Additionally, such technology is not available for the independent development community who do not necessarily have the resources of an established game studio. This tool will allow V7 Entertainment to be competitive as a game development company in the Xbox360 Live and PC spaces.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Richard Smith/Dr. Maria Lantin


Lance Fu


V7 Entertainment


Engineering - computer / electrical


Digital media




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