Mobile Applications to Facilitate Physician-to-Physicain Consultation

In the Nova Scotia healthcare system (and indeed across Canada), waitlists remain a major problem, particularly with regards to access to specialty care services. Virtual Hallway is a novel telehealth solution to this problem, providing an online platform which allows for rapid doctor-to-doctor communication with the goal of fast-tracking and improving patient care and reducing waitlist times.
The goal of this project is to design and apply the first prototype of a mobile application for the Virtual Hallway platform. This would allow for even more rapid telephone consultations between doctors right on the doctors’ own cell phones. This design follows all Canadian healthcare laws and prioritizes personal health information safety and security accordingly. It would work by allowing family doctors to log in on their cell phone, choose which specialist they need to talk to, and to book a date/time that is convenient to both them and the specialist. It also takes care of all the documentation and billing for both the family doctor and the specialist so they can focus on the patient care while also being appropriately paid for their work.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rita Orji


Ashfaq A Zamil Adib


Virtual Hallway


Computer science


Health care and social assistance


Dalhousie University



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