Mobile Mesh Technology For Improved Connectivity In Canada

Lack of affordable, reliable access to the Internet in remote, rural, and Indigenous communities in Canada and internationally has led to a digital divide affecting billions. Left has developed its RightMesh technology, which lets nearby mobile devices connect without the Internet. Normally data flows from a phone, through Internet Service Providers (Telus, Shaw), to the cloud (Google, Amazon), and back to reach another person, despite being nearby. With the RightMesh network, data can flow from phone to phone to phone until it reaches the intended person. Research will be conducted to improve network performance; develop best practices and methods to support designing software for remote, rural, and Indigenous communities; implement engagement strategies encouraging participation in mesh based apps; and develop incentives fostering connection with the mesh network. Simulations and case studies in remote Inuit communities will support this research and help RightMesh expand to other locations worldwide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Daniel Gillis


Nicolas Durish




Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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