Model-Based Security Compliance-By-Design for Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Operations Segments

Low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations require high levels of security and resilience to provide high quality, reliable and trustworthy global connectivity services to customers. For these systems to develop customer trust and find widespread use, developers must demonstrate compliance to a variety of security standards, policies, and regulations. However, because these systems are very large and complex, it is difficult to clearly and effectively show how the system satisfies all of its compliance requirements throughout its development lifetime. In this project, we aim to develop an architecture and design framework for the operations segment of the Telesat LEO satellite constellation. The operations segment is responsible for connecting the overall LEO system by directing the other system components cooperate to deliver the service. The framework seeks to support security compliance-by-design and help developers trace security compliance requirements to the design of the operations segment so that they can easily show where and how such requirements are satisfied. This support can provide a competitive advantage and help solidify Telesat’s position as a Canadian leader in LEO satellite communications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jason Jaskolka


Sana’a Abdel Ra’uof Ali Alwidian


Telesat Canada


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries


Carleton University



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