Modeling and design improvement of a novel energy conversion process


The industrial partner has developed a novel system to convert low-grade heat into electricity. However, the system needs to be studied further through scientific research to help with optimizing the product development, component design, and overall system performance for commercialization. In the proposed research project, the intern will use computational modeling to understand the fundamental thermodynamic processes, for the design optimization of the individual component and the entire system. The simulations will also be conducted to study the scalability of the system to target different markets. The intern will use the simulations results to design and improve prototypes for the technology demonstration, and will conduct the performance testing of the demo unit to generate the benchmark  data for marketing and commercialization of this novel technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Kamran Siddiqui


Ghaleb Rustom Abdul Sater


Dyverga Energy Corporation


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


Western University



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