Modeling and optimisation of woven composite hydraulic tubes, to reduce in-service defects and failures

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. is a Quebec-based industrial partner, specializing in the environmental management of contaminated site remediation and water main rehabilitation. Over the past 30 years, the company has developed a profound expertise, as well as technologies to meet the needs of private and public organizations facing various environmental issues. Currently, Sanexen in collaboration with Neidner Inc., is developing a strong supply chain to manufacture the next generation of woven composite tubing systems that can be deployed in any terrain, and used in a range of extreme operating conditions. However, potential in-situ failure modes of such composite systems, such as snaking and fibre-decoupling, can led to costly service deficiencies and significantly hamper the tasks of workers on-site. The present partnership between the University and Industry teams will allow to properly characterise the root of these failures and develop a design and manufacturing optimisation tool to mitigate the material defects.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abbas Milani


Tina Olfatbakhsh


Niedner Inc




Advanced manufacturing




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