Modeling and optimisation of woven composite hydraulic tubes, to reduce in-service defects and failures—Phase II

Niedner Inc is a Quebec-based industrial partner, specializing in manufacturing of fire hoses and water tubing systems, which are vastly used e.g. in forestry fire, the environmental management of contaminated site remediation and water main rehabilitation applications. Their state of the art facility consists of in excess of 70,000 square feet and is exclusively devoted to the research, development and manufacturing of rigid and lay flat liquid distribution hoses, destined for both Canadian and export production. Currently, Neidner is developing a strong supply chain to manufacture the next generation of ‘woven composite’ tubing systems that can be deployed in any terrain, and used in a range of extreme operating conditions. However, potential in-situ failure modes of such composite systems, such as snaking and fibre-bunching, can led to costly service deficiencies and hamper the tasks of workers on-site. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Abbas Milani


Tina Olfatbakhsh;Reza Sourki


Niedner Inc


Engineering - other





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