Modeling and Optimization of the milling process of compressor rotors

Efficiency of rotary screw air compressors is highly dependent on the errors in the shape of their rotor profile caused by manufacturing errors. The current practice to determine these errors and compensate for them in the design stage involve an extensive amount of costly trials, which will not necessarily lead to an optimum design. In this project, physics-based computer simulations of the milling process of screw rotors of compressors will be developed to determine the resulting manufacturing errors and then to optimize the machining parameters to minimize them. Rotor profiles at VMAC will be used as case studies to verify the effectiveness of the developed simulations in reducing manufacturing errors. The results of this project are expected to contribute to developing compressors with enhanced efficiency and reduced manufacturing cost.

Faculty Supervisor:

Keivan Ahmadi;Gary Wang


Xi Wang


VMAC Global Technology Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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