Modeling fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries in Saskatchewan: identifying the leading risk fact

Work-related morbidity and mortality not only result in loss of time at work, reduction of the overall productivity, increase of the additional hiring and training costs and increased use of medical and welfare services, but it also results in suffering and hardship for the worker and his or her family. The Workers’ Compensation Board of Saskatchewan (WCB-SK) strives to advance scientific and technical knowledge in understanding the occupational injury and fatality risks to reduce the incidence or severity of injury in Saskatchewan. As such, in collaboration with WCB-SK, advanced statistical models will be developed with the primary goal of identifying the leading indicators for the risk of occupational fatal and non-fatal injuries.

Faculty Supervisor:

Cindy Feng


Roya Gavanji


Workers’ Compensation Board of Saskatchewan


Epidemiology / Public health and policy


Medical devices




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