Modeling Planar and Non-Planar Geological Surfaces to Populate 3D Volumes of Surface Probability

Geologists often deal with sparse data for regional mapping and exploration work, using data from a limited number of drillholes. Consequently they must rely on their mental visualization skills to make judgments about the predicted orebody and its structure. Extending regional mappings into the subsurface to model subsurface structures is a challenging task. This research will improve the manner in which geologists and the exploration industry can predict orebody structures, extending geological interpretations into the subsurface. A backbone of mathematical modeling will be used to create three-dimensional probability volumes, and thus vastly extend the value of each point in a geological model. In doing so, the geologist, the scientific observer, as well as the financier can more effectively plan a drilling campaign and interpret the results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Julien Dompierre


Preetpal Singh




Computer science



Laurentian University



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