Modeling the Removal of Mine-impacted Water Species Using Freezing Technologies Focused on Frazil Ice Formation

The development of environment-friendly freezing technologies to contaminated water is a potential solution for water treatment in regions with cold weather conditions and vulnerable to anthropogenic impact. The results of laboratory tests fulfilled by Core Geoscience Services Inc. on the removal of mine-impacted water species through ice formation along with other publicly available data will form a basis for the next stage of research comprising quantitative analysis and mathematical modelling. The primary objective of this project is to develop and test a mathematical model based on the results of laboratory data analysis and mine-impacted water species removal using freezing technologies. This project is directed to providing a net benefit to communities and stakeholders by developing a more effective and efficient water treatment technology that utilizes northern climates and/or cold temperatures as an asset.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ajay Ray


Daria Popugaeva


Core Geoscience Services Inc.


Biochemistry / Molecular biology



Western University



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