Models, algorithms and technologies for the treatment of atrial fibrillation caused by heart blockages

Heart failure is among the causes of death in developed countries. Scientific and medical research has made improvements in treating this condition. Mathematical modelling and computer simulation would help in developing the necessary technologies to detect and treat heart blockages and also give a better understanding and protocols for ablation, the clinical procedure used to treat this condition. This research aims to extend the application of the existing mathematical models and simulation techniques for the electrical activity of the heart associated with blockages as well as their treatment via catheter ablation. Also, in a close collaboration with Appairy Supercomputing, we will generate and implement the algorithms and software to perform these simulations. The results of this research will help Appairy’s technology in designing and improving their Medical Diagnostic Applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Raymond Spiteri


Jessica Cervi


Appairy Supercomputing


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Saskatchewan



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