Molecular characterization, autogenous vaccine manufacturing and vaccine potency studies of two pathogenic Avian Reovirus (ARV) field isolates from the Province of Alberta – Part 2

Avian Reovirus (ARV) is an economically important virus that is affecting poultry flocks in Alberta. Birds infected with pathogenic ARV may develop a disease named viral arthritis/tenosynovitis which is characterised by lameness, swollen joints, rupture of tendons and increase mortality. The disease is controlled by parent stock vaccination with live and/or inactivated antigen to provide passive immunity to the chicks. As local strains have been found to be different from commercial vaccine strains, protection can only be achieved with vaccines made from local strains. The proposed studies will lead to the characterization of existing ARV field strains, the local development of antigen production protocols and potency studies for two ARV field isolates to be included in an autogenous vaccine for the poultry farmers in Alberta.

Faculty Supervisor:

Faizal Abdul-Careem


Victor Palomino-Tapia


Institute of Applied Poultry Technologies


Epidemiology / Public health and policy



University of Calgary



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