Monitoring and Control System Design for Catalyst Manufac!uring Unit

As one of the novel element of a new technology for enhanced recovery and upgrading directly in the reservoir of bitumen and heavy oils, the unit for the online and on-field manufacturing and delivery of nanocatalysts into the reservoir will be constructed during 2015. The specialized and uniquely designed compact device, currently referred to as CATSKID, is currently in the patenting process. Although it cannot be disclosed at the moment, the design is such that it allows the online production of nano-catalysts and will operate in remote areas with minimal maintenance and desirable remote monitoring and control. This MITACS application will develop the system for monitoring and control of the CATSKID unit from a Calgary location, allowing parameters adjustment and failure troubleshooting,

Faculty Supervisor:

Abraham Fapojuwo


Simon Windmuller


In Situ Upgrading Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Oil and gas


University of Calgary



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