Monitoring Vital Signs and Location for COVID-19 detection

COVID-19 has already infected more than 2.8 million people with close to 200 thousand death globally (as at 2020 April 25), while it is continuously spreading. Before a vaccine is discovered, the only way to slow down the spread and reduce the number of death is testing. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that someone recovered will not be infected again. It is necessary to keep monitoring COVID-19 patients and contact tracking. All patients currently tested positive for COVID-19 are sent home for self-confinement. Agents of public health call them on a daily basis by phone one by one. This is increasingly complicated to do as the number of cases grows exponentially, besides the fact that the data collected is incomplete and often incorrect. We will develop a wireless monitoring device for patients who tested positive and for patients at risk like senior citizens. The device will alert health officials if the person has a sudden rise in temperature or indicators of respiratory distress. With geo-localization built into the device, we will plot a propagation network to inform who came into contact with the patient and use this as a public health agent to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sharmistha Bhadra;Irene Cheng


Shibam Debbarma;Naimur Rahman;Hanming Li;Yizhou Zhao;Aref Pourzadi;Mohammad Ishtiaque Hossain


iMD Research


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services




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