Monolithic Integration of Sheath-less Piezo-resistive Pressure Sensor with Volume Conductance Catheter

Scisense is a medical device company focused on Micro Sensor technology used to monitor cardio dynamics in animals as small as mice. Scisense's existing production process l-Or building the micro sensor probes is a tedious process that requires a high degree of skilled labour and ultimately results in a low yield of marketable devices. The company's growth is limited by this yield potential.
This research proposal is to develop a novel fabrication technique that not only replaces the current assembling process but also result in a smaller less invasive device. The savings to the company in scrap, labour and assembly time will be substantial. Further improvements will be realized in the areas of probe life time. performance and reliability. The new technology will allow Scisense to increase its market lead in this segment. This research will also act as a foundation for sustainable research and commercialization of high tech miniaturized medical devices in the London Ontario region.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jayshri Sabarinathan


Aref Bakhtazad


Scisense Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices


Western University



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