Multi-agent Quadrotor Control and Distributed Intelligence in GPS Denied Environments

Networks are ubiquitous in our world. In broad terms, a networked control system consists of sensors, actuators and controllers interconnected and coordinated through a communication network. Networked control with distributed intelligence can open new directions in the industry of robotic entertainment allowing for pursuer-evader games to be played with multiple robots. The research proposed here will give a first step in this direction. More especifically, it will address the control of multiple quadrotor drones communicating over a wireless network to track a group of robotic cars in response to real-time mission commands operating in environments without GPS (for example inside buildings). The proposed research combines networked control theory, distributed intelligence, and robotics and is supported on BLE technology to implement a robotic real-time pursuer-evader game using quadrotor UAVs as the pursuers and robotic cars as the evaders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Luis Rodrigues


Mailis Gomes Rodrigues


Echoer Canada Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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