Multi-Channel User Linkage through Probabilistic Matching

People utilize multiple devices to complete various tasks, making their online identities fragmented. Advertising is as much about knowing when not to promote a product as it is about when to do it. For example, before being sent alcohol and cannabis ads, the user must be identifiable as being over 19. Age information may only be available on a channel different than the one through which the user is connecting. This makes it difficult to gain a holistic understanding of users and develop a single marketing strategy across devices. Pelmorex Audience, mobile advertising division of Pelmorex Corp., would like to explore advanced large-scale probabilistic matching techniques to link different representations of the same user across channels, in order to create a master set of user profiles. This will enable them to enhance the user experience by limiting ad repetition on different environments, while also customizing ads to their interests.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marsha Chechik


Kavita Srinivasan


Pelmorex Media Inc


Computer science





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