Multi-user Training Software Development and Otoscope Tracking for Otolaryngology Education

Simulation is being used increasingly to improve medical education by providing students and trainees with greater access and opportunity to learn critical skills without affecting actual patient care. To this end, OtoSim has developed a multi-user training platform and an otoscope tracking device. The multi-user training platform allows the trainee to self-learn while being electronically connected to a central database for monitoring and advice. This will allow teachers to reach additional students without the need for a physical classroom while also providing metrics to track each of the training locations. The otoscope tracking device is an integrated electronic sensor which will determine how the trainee is holding and positioning the otoscope relative the ear. This information will enable teachers to provide feedback on how to properly position the otoscope for an optimal diagnosis without injuring the patient.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Drake


Thomas Cole


OtoSim Inc.


Engineering - biomedical


Medical devices




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