Multidimensional Energy Consumption Analysis in Large Organizations: An Information Visualization Design Study

The goal of this project is to improve the process by which professional energy managers and utility company personnel analyze large amounts of data related to energy consumption. This process is often exploratory, meaning that many analysis questions are open-ended and cannot be phrased as a directed query. Open-ended exploration can be supported by information visualization, which involves a collection of techniques for displaying and interacting with large amounts and varying types of data. Information visualization provides users with an overview of the data, as well as an ability to drill down into specific subsets of the data as their analysis questions are refined. The application of information visualization techniques to the problem of large-scale energy consumption analysis will involve an iterative user-centred design and evaluation process, which will include eliciting requirements from representative users, designing prototypes, implementing, and evaluating one or more information visualization tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tamara Munzner


Matthew Brehmer


Pulse Energy


Computer science




University of British Columbia



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