Multimodal optical brain imaging for epilepsy applications


The cost and size of many imaging systems used in biomedical applications largely limit the possibility for longterm and imaging sessions in pre-clinical and clinical diagnosis. There is a need for low-cost imaging systems to map brain activity. Dr. Levi’s team has developed a unique miniature laser-based illumination system that enables novel optical imaging of neurovascular dynamics in live animals. We have recently shown the advantages for fast simultaneous imaging of blood flow and oxygenation, surrogates to neural activity, in rodent cortex. Here we propose to demonstrate the applicability of multiple modalities imaging for epilepsy models in animals. Simultaneous blood flow, blood oxygenation, electrophysiological recordings and calcium activity will be acquired with high spatiotemporal resolution in order to evaluate the correlation between metabolic activity and electrophysiological seizure onsets. We will also demonstrate the compatibility of our system with miniature cameras, towards developing a portable optical neural imaging system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ofer Levi


Suzie Dufour


Toronto Western Hospital


Engineering - biomedical


Life sciences


University of Toronto



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