Multiphysics modeling of novel electrical powertrain for medium-duty trucks

Electric motors for traction applications come in many types, but in-hub induction motor with concentrated winding is not one of them. This specific configuration is of high interest for Nordresa – an electric truck manufacturer based in Montréal, Canada. In effect, this motor type presents numerous advantages: because of the concentrated winding and the absence of permanent magnet, the manufacturing cost is low; and because of the direct drive configuration, the maintenance and failure modes are reduced to a minimum. However, concentrated windings are not typically used in induction motors due to the high torque ripples caused by the stator harmonics. In the recent years however, researchers gained interest in this moty type due to recent advances in winding configurations and motor performance modeling. We propose the development of an in-hub induction motor with concentrated winding, along with the multiphysics model to predict its performance – a magnetic equivalent circuit model coupled with a thermal model. A cooling system will also be developed concurrently. We aim to maximize the motor’s torque density. The model will be validated with a full-scale prototype.

Faculty Supervisor:

Benoit Boulet


Marc-Antoine Beaudoin


Les Moteurs Nordresa Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Automotive and transportation




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