Mushroom Harvesting System

Automatic harvesting of mushroom produce is a promising opportunity for mushroom growers to increase their revenues. This increased revenue will be obtained through savings in human labour as well as the expected increase in yield and quality due to the consistency of automated solutions compared to manual ones. Automated harvesting solutions do already exist for many other crops such as apple, lime and tomatoes. However, the development of an automated harvesting solution for mushroom is much more challenging in which a commercial system still does not exist. The current project aims at developing an intelligent computer-based Decision Support System (DSS) that will make decisions on which mushroom to pick and when, based on vision data captured in real time. The partner organization would eventually benefit from this project by having a reliable Decision Support System for automated mushroom harvesting that will lead to a higher mushroom yield than what could be obtained by an average manual harvester.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rozita Dara


David Wickland


Vineland Research and Innovation Centre


Computer science




University of Guelph



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