Nanocomposites as Multifunctional Structure for Space Radiation Shielding

During interplanetary travels, space radiations are always crucial to spacecraft design due to their extreme hazards to human beings and electronics. Conventional materials, such as aluminum and other heavy metals, have been widely used on spacecraft. The cost of launching overweighed items to space is still high even reusable rockets are available now. Reducing weight of shielding structures on spacecraft will largely benefit future space missions. Nanocomposites with extreme low density but high radiation shielding properties are proposed in this project. Their porous structure is suitable to craft functions from other nanomaterials into the nanocomposite by advanced technologies. High radiation shielding effectiveness, mechanical strength, thermal properties and low outgassing will be achieved by this innovative nanocomposite. The prototype of this state-of-art space radiation shielding material will lead the company to be more competitive and further height in value.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Tze Wei Yeow;Ning Jiang


Siyuan Chen;Zheng Zhou


ARTsensing Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Aerospace and defense


University of Waterloo



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