Nanostructured functional materials from the bottom up

In this series of collaborative projects, we propose a combination of computational and experimental investigations of the preparation and dielectric properties of new, mixed inorganic materials. We will optimize the fabrication process of standard oxide dielectrics and semiconductors, and mixed derivative materials for efficiency and costs, and study the effects of making small modifications to the material’s composition on its field response. The materials proposed here have the potential to evolve in a new class of energy storage and related technology within the next 10 years. Additionally, we will computationally optimize surface deposition processes and identify reactants, substituents, catalysts, and precursors for thin film deposition of materials, including dielectrics and semiconductors for electrode and barrier applications. This in itself will be a significant part of the theoretical and practical R&D work that will be carried out.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott McIndoe


Johanne Penafiel


Seastar Chemicals Inc




Advanced manufacturing




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