Narratives of Canadian Teacher Candidates’ Cross-cultural Experience in China

This study will explore narrative perspectives from Canadian teacher candidates’ cross-cultural experience in Chongqing, China from March 2015 to June 2015, and will be built on participant experiences during the Teacher Education Reciprocal Learning Program between University of Windsor and Southwest University China. Inquiries into the Canadian students’ learning trip in China will discover how they respond and react, their personal and professional beliefs, whether they go through any struggles and tensions, how they cope with and grow out of those struggles and tensions and what they have gained from this learning trip. With a focus on the Canadian student teachers’ personal and professional significance of cross-cultural knowledge and understanding and a narrative inquiry approach, student participants will might reveal their changing cross-cultural outlooks and increasing global perspectives throughout this study trip. Their personal beliefs with multi-cultural and inclusive notions which may be accompanied by cross-cultural struggles and tensions between Canada and China are expected to show in this research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Shijing Xu


Minghua Wang






University of Windsor


Globalink Research Award

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