Natural and anthropogenic factors affecting the Nechako river watershed

Prince George Pulp and Intercontinental Pulp Company (both part of Canfor) are located in Prince George, the geographic centre of BC. The process of making Kraft pulp requires access to a considerable volume of water, which is why most pulp mills are located close to major rivers. Canfor Pulp clearly recognizes their dependence on the Nechako watershed and the role that Canfor must play in water management and stewardship. In order to manage this water resource effectively, we must understand the ways in which we use water now, as well as what our water needs will be in the future. Canfor is willing to gain knowledge about this watershed, and understand how climate change affects on this watershed as well knowledge if other sectors (e.g. agriculture or mining) affect on this watershed. Indeed, this project involves potential benefits for other environmental sectors that depend to the Nechako watershed, which can benefit the city of Prince George in general.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jueyi Sui


Sina Abadzadesahraei


Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership


Engineering - other


Environmental industry


University of Northern British Columbia



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