NBMC Intercultural and Anti-Racism Skills Toolkit – Research and Development Project

The New Brunswick Multicultural Council is the developer and coordinator for the Creating Inclusive Workplaces and Communities training program, and this organization is in the process of developing an anti-racism training program. The main objective of this effort is to provide participating employers, government departments, community service organizations, and non-for-profit groups with the skills, attitudes, and perspectives necessary to cultivate racial and cultural equity and inclusion, and to do so in ways that are specific to their organizations and institutional structures.
In this project, in collaboration with STU, NBMC will supervise a Mitacs intern to create Intercultural Skills and Anti-Racism Skills toolkits. The toolkits will serve as hubs of resources for the assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation of inclusivity programs. The resources provided in these toolkits will take the forms of references (PDFs, videos, books, websites), tools (surveys, checklists) and training events (e-learning sessions). These toolkits will enable training programs by giving the participants practical ways to
? identify existing barriers;
? develop and implement strategies to overcome those barriers;
? create paths for inclusion and racial equity;
? evaluate and revise programs for enabling inclusion and equity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Gül Çali?kan


Bridget Collrin


New Brunswick Multicultural Council


Political science




St. Thomas University



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