Network-wide bicycle monitoring

Bicycle and pedestrian counts are important data for the planning and design of safe roads. However, these data need to be inspected for quality, a time-consuming task. Part of this project is to make this project simpler, quicker and more accurate. Installing pedestrian and bicycle counters across an entire city road network is not financially viable. Therefore, a good option is to estimate counts at the network scale, using knowledge from a handful of pedestrian and bicycle counters (strategically placed) and trip data from users who willingly share their position from their smartphones.
Eco-Counter, the partner organization, is a world leader is the development of automated pedestrian and cyclist counting systems. The company is expanding into data services and requires additional tools and methods to help their clients (transportation agencies) manage and visualize their data. This project will help Eco-Counter achieve this objective.

Faculty Supervisor:

Luis F. Miranda-Moreno;Kevin Manaugh


David Beitel




Engineering - civil




McGill University



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