New Deformation Model for Realistic Real-Time Simulation of Soft Bodies in the Context of Virtual Surgery

OSSimTech develops and sells virtual reality (VR) surgical simulators. This proposal aims to improve the efficiency of the simulation of cutting and deforming organs. The current simulator used by the company is appropriate for a range of surgery scenarios, but for several scenarios, it is too long to compute. The company has plans to expand its portfolio of simulators to less powerful devices, potentially including portable devices such as tablets. In this context, the development of a low-cost simulation approach is of great interest for OSSimTech. Whether on high-end or low-end devices, the efficient simulation of soft bodies is complicated because of the real-time constraints. We will improve simulation models for the deformation of stiff soft bodies. Our goal is to improve the realism of real-time deformable tissues and organs in the context of VR surgery simulation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Paquette


Nabil Boukadida




Visual arts


Information and communications technologies




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