New High Precision GNSS Positioning and Navigation System Using Triple-frequency GNSS Signals – Year two

Precise Point Positioning (PPP) is a next generation precise positioning technology using GNSS and is expected to be adopted in more and more applications. To date, all PPP systems available on the market are dual-frequency based systems and long positioning convergence time has limited its wide applications. With the progress of the GNSS modernization, triple-frequency signals are becoming available, which will shed light to overcome this challenge. It is expected all GNSS satellites will broadcast triple-frequency signals by 2020, which offer opportunities for technology innovation and new product development. This project aims to develop a real-time triple-frequency GNSS PPP system with fast positioning convergence capability. The major tasks include the investigation of triple-frequency signal bias variations, the development of processing strategies for observable-specific signal bias (OSB) determination, and fast triple-frequency PPP ambiguity resolution. A prototype system will be developed to assess the performance of the system for product development.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abu Sesay


Zhixi Nie


Profound Positioning Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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