New methods and applications for monitoring bacteria inwater

We have previously developed and commercialized a bacteria detection technology that is now being marketed for testing E. coli and coliform bacteria in water. The work proposed here will provide tests for additional bacteria types, and new applications of current tests. Each new test will be a combination of new sample handling methods and additional test ingredients, as needed. Our partner is Pathogen Detection Systems, Inc. (PDS), a subsidiary of Veolia Water in Veolia’s Endetec group. PDS markets products under the Endetec/Veolia brand, and through the website, but remains an Ontario SME. Endetecs goal is to expand its product offerings to drive increased sales into a wider range of markets. The benefits to Canada include revenue to PDS, supporting jobs linked to production and sales, as well as benefits to Queens University since the new products will use licensed IP. There will be additional benefits to Canadians as improved testing for bacteria in a wider range of environmental samples becomes available.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Brown


Gillian Mackey


Pathogen Detection Systems




Medical devices


Queen's University



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