New rockstar philosophy: an interactive e-book app

An eBook App is a native app that can grant access to all of a book’s content and additionally integrade any functionality to it. It is an interesting option for ebook projects that have access to large amounts of content want to incorporate user-generated data and connect to other digital artifacts. Unlike a pdf an eBook App enables rich and engaging interactions and therefore offers more exciting experiences for the reader. A particularly interesting aspect of the eBook app is deployment on mobile devices that allow not only easy integration with cloud-hosted services but also provide information about the reader’s location. This in turn enables new monetization possibilities for publishers. In this project we will explore the use of InDesign and compare it with building a native mobile app based on the embedded browser pattern using PhoneGap & jQueryMobile and HTML5.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ralph Deters


Flavio Ishii


Indie Ink Publishing


Computer science


Digital media


University of Saskatchewan



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