Next Generation candidate screening and assessment platform featuring psychological profiling though gamification

This project is the first step to providing Thinking North’s Purple Squirrel recruitment platform to go beyond traditional matching with a novel, data-backed holistic candidate matching process. To provide a robust system, Thinking North is collaborating with Seneca’s School of Software Design and Data Science to use advanced artificial intelligence and gamification techniques to combine “psychology” and “gamification,” known as “psychification,” to enhance the screening aspect for a recruitment process. Psychification builds on the data at Thinking North to create a gamified, interactive way to assess how motivated candidates are for open positions within select technology industries. This psychification and screening platform will benefit companies that are challenged by the need for speed and accuracy in recruiting. Specifically, we are addressing the emerging gig economy where staffing for projects and shorter commitments calls for an even more effective process than we have seen before.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Buchner


Ylva Birgersdotter;Ruiqi Yu;Mahshid Farrahinia


Thinking North




Finance, insurance and business


Seneca College



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