Next generation cannabinoids for pain, inflammatory response, and cancer – Utilizing allosteric pathways in GPCRs to achieve greater specificity and bias

The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada offers a unique opportunity to conduct fundamental research without the bureaucracy issues faced in other countries. The current state of cannabinoid (CB) based therapies have focused their use in the treatment of cancer, pain, inflammation and opioid addiction, and suffer from unwanted side effects and lack of efficacy. Our focus is on the development of new CB lead compounds that target the cannabinoid and related receptors (i.e. CB1, CB2, GPR55, opioid- and serotonin receptors). We propose to invigorate the current repertoire of CB lead compounds by linking them with fragments that have been identified to obtain more specific signal bias and therapeutic outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Scott Prosser


Aditya Pandey;Louis-Philippe Picard


Dalriada Drug Discovery




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