Non-thermal sono-treatment improves the liquefaction and saccharification process and presence of phytochemicals of Cannabis sativa

In beer manufacturing, the liquefaction and saccharification process utilizes heat, alkaline and acid washes to break down complex sugars into wort (simple sugars) leading to destruction of desirable bioactive compounds. Beer manufacturers are keen to use green technology and non-starch plant materials from agri-food by-products. Province Brands has developed its proprietary methods for brewing from cannabis plant waste (stems, stalks, roots). In partnership with Province Brands, this research aims to a) convert plant by-products (non-starch sources) to fermentable sugars using high power- low frequency ultrasound as a non-thermal green treatment; b) maximize retention of bioactive compounds in the final brews; c) improve the sensory properties of the finished products. This project is an excellent opportunity for the intern to apply their critical thinking skills to develop an innovative product and will put Province Brands of Canada at the forefront of the market by investing in research and through knowledge transfer.

Faculty Supervisor:

Farah Hosseinian


Kelly Dornan;Minfang Luo;Matheuzs Poluchowski;Winifred Akoetey


Province Brands of Canada






Carleton University



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