Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring system by midinfrared spectroscopy

More than 400 million people are suffering from diabetes mellitus in the present world. Till date, there is no cure for diabetes; however, it can be controlled by regulating the sugar intake in blood. Hence, diabetic patients need to monitor their blood sugar level regularly for few times a day. The conventional techniques are invasive in nature and require drawing out blood by pricking fingertips which is a painful process and possess a risk of infection. In this proposed research, an optical glucose sensor will be developed where the blood glucose concentration can be measured noninvasively. A shoe-box size device prototype will be designed and implemented. The partner organization will be a part of any journal paper, conference paper, and patent as project deliverables. In addition, the possibility of commercialization of this product will be a future opportunity to reach biosensor market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dayan Ban


Shazzad Rassel;Chao Xu


Smart GeoMonitoring Technologies Ltd


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and cultural industries


University of Waterloo


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