Northern Centre for Sustainability: research and advocacy for changes in municipal regulations and building code for the construction of a carbon-negative, energy-positive, waste-positive and closed water loop building above the 60th parallel

Ecology North wants to hire architecture, engineering and urban interns to assists in the research, outreach, awareness and education of the world’s most advanced sustainable building practices, towards the creation of a building that makes the best use of regenerative architecture, to heal the planet and the people. The project is for the construction of the Northern Centre for Sustainability. The building will be a place for not-for-profit organizations whose work is related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to centralize their operations, synergize on capacity and be better equipped to share knowledge and monitor and encourage best practices in terms of sustainability in the built environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

André Casault


Thevishka Kanishkan


Ecology North


Architecture and design


Environmental industry


Université Laval



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