Nothing About Us Without Us: People with Cognitive Disabilities Evaluate the Accessibility of Non-Curricular Documents on Three Nova Scotia University Websites

More than ever before, Nova Scotia universities and colleges are relying on digital materials to provide information to the public, staff, students, etc. For example, PDF and Word documents are being used for non-curriculum information, such as application materials, campus maps, etc. It is crucial that these documents are accessible for everyone.
In a first of its kind project, the current state of accessibility of these documents will be evaluated by Nova Scotians with cognitive, neurological, intellectual, and/or learning disabilities. Their First Voice results will be used to develop document accessibility recommendations, to help make non-curriculum documents more accessible for people with cognitive, neurological, intellectual, and/or learning disabilities
The final report and recommendations will be made publicly available on Access Changes Everything Inc. (ACE)’s website. ACE will provide these to Nova Scotia universities and colleges, and others around the world, to help make non-curriculum documents more accessible.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lynn Aylward


Lisa Snider


Access Changes Everything




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Acadia University


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