Novaxe: Novel Online System for Guitar Music Score Recognition, Retrieval, Presentation, and Animation

This project is going to digitalize a patented method of presenting the guitar tablature and build an online system to assist guitar teaching. The new method can present the guitar tablature with 8 building clocks. People can easily learn the chores of thousands of songs, which is impossible with the other methods. The system is called Novaxe. Novaxe is going to have a graph screen to display the fretboard with the information about the chord progression, rhythm pattern, tempo, key, `position`, song form, chord form, title, artist, year, and genre of a song. The fretboard contains the map of the scale notes as diamonds, and temporary chord tones as circles underneath. There are several difficulties in this project. First, the search function needs some sophisticated algorithm to search for songs in the library. Detecting of the music patterns is not an easy task and there is no 100% accuracy as there are different interpretations of music patterns. Second, the animation required on the user interface is complicated. And all the animation needs to be implemented by JavaScript. Third, the storage of the songs is unique than the business logic we are used to in database-design

Faculty Supervisor:

Yuhong Yan


Ruijia Yang, Jing Li, Fehmi Jaafar, Yucun Li, Yifei Zhang


OMP Music


Engineering - other


Media and communications


Concordia University



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