Novel 3D Sensor based Gesture Controlling System for Video Games

This project will develop a novel sensor based gesture controlling system aiming at significantly improving game player's satisfaction via realistic playing engagement/experience. With such interface technology, the player can control the game directly via his/her natural gestures and body movements which are translated into game interface parameters in real time. The objectives of this project include the followings. 1) Help the partner convert an existing proof-of-concept sensor-based Dart game (developed in a previous MITACS project) into a full featured prototype which includes enhancing the system’s performance, in particular with respect to robustness and accuracy; and conducting a user validation. 2) Evaluate and compare various recently released hardware sensor systems. 3) Develop advanced predication functions for full body gesture recognition and tracking. 4) Adopt machine learning technology for model construction. 5) Apply the above results to build new gesture controlling modules for other games. This MITACS project will bring substantial R&D results to the partners, and as well benefit the intern Gary Hu to complete his PhD thesis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Qigang Gao


Gary Gang Hu


SPIELO Manufacturing ULC


Computer science


Digital media


Dalhousie University



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