Novel Additives to Enhance the Delivery of Foliar Crop Sprays

Crop yield is increasingly important for feeding the global population and making Canada a more self-sustaining country. Active AgriScience is a BC based company that is developing novel technologies and formulati,ons for improving yield in many types of crops including canota, wheat, com, barley, and others. One of the key services that !clive AgriScience offers is the ability to combine a number of agrochemicals into a single formulation, while maintaining the stability and benefits of each individual ingredient. Combining multiple ingredients into a single solution greatly reduces the amount of work required for delivery to the plants, such as reducing the total volume and number of passes in crop spraying. This project aims to combine both optimal chemistry and physical properties to generate better ferti lizers for crop spraying.

Faculty Supervisor:

John Frostad


Minghuan Wu


Active AgriScience


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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