Novel Boundary Element Method for Inductance Extraction in Cables of Complex Cross-Sections

The proposed project is dedicated to fast resistance and inductance extraction for multiconductor transmission lines. Since the complexity of power cable designs has grown significantly over the past decade, fast and accurate tools for electromagnetic characterization are required. The cable models presently used by Manitoba Hydro however are overly simplified compared to the ones available on the market. The alternative surface-volume-surface integral equation formulation is proposed to reduce computational time and memory. During this project the Method of Moments solver based on the novel formulation will be accelerated via hierarchical matrices and/or adaptive cross approximation. This resistance and inductance extractor will be integrated in PSCAD software currently developed by Manitoba Hydro.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Vladimir Okhmatovski


Anton Menshov


Manitoba Hydro


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of Manitoba



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