Novel healthcare focused videoconferencing system and Congenital Anomaly detection using Deep Learning

m-Health Solutions specializes in remote patient monitoring and cardiac diagnostics. Using leading-edge technologies. m-Health Solutions (MHS) offers a range of services for clients of all ages and are a leader in remote healthcare. The Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI) at Sheridan College has collaborated with MHS and is in the process of developing a healthcare focused video conferencing system that offers a mobile-friendly means for patients to attend their appointments with physicians and healthcare providers online. Currently, MHS’s 100,000 patients need to make multiple trips to meet their healthcare providers which is inconvenient, increases the Carbon footprint and consumes substantial resources both from MHS and the patients. The proposed research project involves two main components: 1) enhance and refine the Mobile Client Portal we have developed in collaboration with MHS and deply it on an on-premise server at MHS with integration with MHS’s CRM using web services. Secure authentication will be accomplished by using Active Directory and SSL. Leading-edge web technologies will be used, namely: Jitsi Meet video conferencing platform, React, Java scripts, CSS, HTML; 2) Explore Data Science techniques to reveal insights in the large datasets MHS has on cardiac arrhythmias.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ed Sykes;El Sayed Mahmoud


Jayce Merinchuk


M-Health Solutions


Computer science


Professional, scientific and technical services


Sheridan College



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