Observing Microdosing: Effects on Cognitive Performance and Mental Health

We are studying the potential relationship between microdosing, cognitive performance and mental health. ‘Microdosing’ is the practice of taking psychedelic substances (e.g. psilocybin or LSD) in small, sub-perceptual amounts on a regular basis. There are many microdosing reports online, on blogs, and in books, but there are few research studies. The effects of microdosing on cognitive performance and mental health remains largely unexplored. Through this study, we are gathering data from both microdosing and non-microdosing groups. The results of this study will help guide future research and improve understanding of the effects of microdosing.
This research project is being conducted on Quantified Citizen’s decentralized online research platform, which allows for anonymous self-enrolment of participants who may not otherwise participate in a research project. The success of this project in recruiting a large number of participants and collecting a large dataset, demonstrates the usefulness of and informs this methodology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zachary Walsh


Joseph Rootman


Quantified Citizen




Professional, scientific and technical services




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